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Give your Union a copy of this UPDATE !

I want to thank each and every one of you who have participated in "Airborne Paper Fiber - Nuisance Dust or Killer?". In sending this Urgent message to you, I would like to share some information about myself. For the third time, I have been Diagnosed with (1) Pulmonary Disease; DVT/PE (Deep Vein Thrombosis, Pulmonary Embolism), (2) Chronic Pulmonary Insufficiency, Restricted Breathing, Multiple Upper Respiratory Infections (Nationwide Petition), Industrial & Occupational Asthma, Adult On-Set Asthma due to an on-the-job injury I sustained while working for the United States Postal Service. I miscarried my baby during my tenure. Later, I lost my mother, Mary Ann Sutton, who was a thirty-four (34) year postal worker. My mother passed away in my arms October 27, 2002 with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and Adult On-Set Asthma. We were not born with Asthma. We both acquired this by working for the United States Postal Service and worked in a facility that tested positive for Asbestos. We were both fired for an on-the job injury. I have received very limited benefits to no benefits. OWCP gives me aspirin and allergy medication. Acquiring approximately 300,000+ in medical bills, which OWCP will not pay for nor my breathing equipment. On 3/4/11, OWCP approved my Asthma pump after 23 years. Delay, Deny & Hope I die !!! The Asbestos was disturbed and removed while we were in the North Suburban, IL Postal Facility. There have been many deaths from the North Suburban, IL facility and nationwide.

I would like to share some information with all of you. I have written three (3) books about "Airborne Paper Fiber ~ Nuisance Dust or Killer?". Recently, I have turned the books over to the United States Federal Court. That means, I have filed the Nationwide Petition. This is now your time to make yourself known. You have to do your job. I cannot speak for you. You have to speak up for yourselves. The Courts will not just take my word for you. You have to respond. For your information, Asthma is the Link from the United States Postal Service to the United States Postal worker. Let's Go !!!

Because you have signed the Nationwide Petition does not mean you filed your CA-2. The Nationwide Petition is not the same as the CA-2, which is an on-the-job injury. YOU MAY STILL SIGN THE NATIONWIDE PETITION WITH YOUR UNION. If your union does not have the Nationwide Petition, they may contact myself or the staff designated. The Union can request the Nationwide Petition from the Staff. Lawyers are looking into and working on this case for purposes of Class Action !!!

If you are SICK or have had a Death of a loved one due to "Dust", "Airborne Paper Fiber" or "Asbestos", please file the following documents accordingly with your Union:

(1) First step: Look at the Nationwide Petition at http://airbornepaperfiber.webs.com/ for signs, symptoms and diagnosis. If you are sick, please GO to the doctor.  We are trying to save your life.  DO NOT HESITATE.  You may also join this site !!!

(2) Second step:  NWIAL.com, "Airborne Paper Fiber ~ Nuisance Dust or Killer?".  When you pull this document up, hit the "Airborne Paper Fiber ~ Nuisance Dust or Killer?" written in blue, there you will find the inevidable diseases.  This study was written by Robert A. Miles, former President of APWU ~ Elmhurst, IL; Maintenance Craft Director. 

(3) Third step:  See an Allergist and Pulmonologist.  Fourth step: File a CA-2 (Notice of Occupational Disease).  If you already have doctors reports, submit them with your CA-2 (Notice of Occupational Disease). You MUST have your doctor backing you. 

The CA-2, (Notice of Occupational Disease); CA-5, ((Death Claim), CA-5b ~ (Brothers & Sisters) CA-7 (Claim for Compensation) & CA-20 (Attending Physicians Report) & OWCP 1500 ~ (Health Insurance Claim Form) may be obtained by your (1) Local Union, (2) your OWCP office or you can acquire it online at United States Department of Labor.org; Online www.dol.gov and look under forms.

(4) Fifth step: File OWCP 1500 ~ Health Care Insurance Claim Form. (This form is required to reimburse health care providers for services rendered to injured employees covered under OWCP Administrative Programs.  You MUST have your doctor backing you up.

Please send me a one (1) page document with the following information contained in it:


Name, Address, Telephone Number, City, State, ZC;

E-mail address; Name and Address of your facility,

Your Condition, Symptoms and Diagnosis

Please send this information ASAP to:


P O BOX 382

LOMBARD, IL  60148

DO NOT HESITATE. I have been working on this case for twenty-four (24) years and now need you to do your part. I will be closing this chapter due to serious medical illness.

In closing, "Airborne Paper Fiber ~ Nuisance Dust or Killer?" is in the Congress and the Senate. A 5" book has been sent to the Honorable President of the United States, President Barack Hussain Obama; as President of the United States and as a Senator of Illinois. If your facility does not have the "Airborne Package", please contact myself or one of the Staff of "Airborne Paper Fiber".

Miriam Jackson, Human Relations Director, Palatine, IL, (847) 590-6627

Sandra Sutton, Advocate, sandrasutton2002@aol.com, 

Odell Harper, now Retired Steward; Maywood, IL, odellharper@yahoo.com

Bettye J. Maddox, Human Relations Director; Kansas City, MO, bettye64055@aol.com

If you have any additional questions or need additional information, please contact the Staff of "Airborne Paper Fiber ~ Nuisance Dust or Killer?" either on http://airbornepaperfiber.webs.com/ or NWIAL.com. You may google: Sandra Sutton Chicago, airbornepaperfiber or airborne paper fiber.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Sutton

Advocate, Postal Workers Nationwide

Postal Workers & Postal Veterans Nationwide !

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Airborne Paper Fiber Dust

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