"Airborne Paper Fiber-Nuisance Dust or Killer?"

"Airborne Paper Fiber, Environmental Illness, Chemical Sensitivity & Upper Respiratory Infections!"

                                        Dr. Lisa Lavine Nagy, M.D.

Environmental Health and Illness-

Why the Controversy?

Lisa Lavine Nagy, MD 

BioLisa Lavine Nagy M.D. graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Pennsylvania and then from Cornell Medical College in 1986. After a surgical internship she completed Emergency Medicine residency at Metropolitan Hospital in NYC and practiced in Los Angeles until becoming severely ill (Addison’s Disease, Mitochondrial Myopathy, Dysautonomia) –as a result of a complex medical condition known as Chemical Sensitivity or Environmental Illness.

Her story of survival and journey of discovery which led her to determine what had made her have such severe symptoms inspired ABC’s ‘Nightline’ to interview her this year and many newspapers and magazines to feature her recovery. In her case it was due to toxic mold and in others it is due to pesticide or chemical exposure.  She learned about the field of Environmental Medicine and it’s focus on finding the causes of disease including genetic, hormonal, nutritional, allergic, and environmental factors.

She is now president of Preventive and Environmental Health Alliance which is a group focused on educating medical students, doctors, the AMA, congress and the public and assists patients to find help nationwide. Listening to physicians and other people who have developed severe Environmental Illness is the first step towards helping the 75 million people in the country with various health issues, including autoimmunity, related to their environments. Someone is listening - she was appointed as a delegate to the Massachusetts Medical Society and to the CDC’s National Conversation on Chemicals and Public Health.  Her website is www.EnvironmentalMedicineInfo.com or www.lisanagy.com if you would like to help!

Please view a comprehensive lecture presented recently at

The Cleveland Clinic at: cchs.net/wellness/grandrounds.asp


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                                                     Vineyard Personalized Medicine

A New Practice with a New Approach

Preventive and Environmental Medicine

Lisa Lavine Nagy M. D.

Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts

508 693 1300

 fax 508 693 130, Cell 310 213 5472 -- urgencies only

Email: VPM@nagy1.com, www.lisanagy.com

Quickly addressing all of your chronic mental and physical ailments



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Lisa Lavine Nagy M.D.

Vineyard Personalized Medicine




Office Phone    (508) 693-1300, 

Office Fax         (508 )693-1305

web: www.lisanagy.com

email: VPM@nagy1.com --email or call for appointment requests

Note!  All new phone and fax numbers:

all appointments and cancellations should be called in to this number please!


Cell phone  for urgenices only please (310) 213 5472,

but if you are my patient and  have medical problems right now feel free to call.

Back up number Averill home office (508)696-6998

Averill Fax      (508) 693-4700


Dr. Nagy's positions:

President:  The Preventive and Environmental Health Alliance Inc., 501 c3

Appointee to The National Institutes of Health -- Building Health Roundtable, 2010

Appointee to the  CDC - ASTDR, "The National Conversation on the Effect of Chemicals on Public Health" , 2009

Member of The American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Delegate of the Massachusetts Medical Society - Barnstable district


1. *PLEASE GLANCE AT THE NEW ARTICLE in 'Women’s Health Activist' by Lisa Nagy  MD:

Women’s Health is Environmental Health: Avoiding Common Toxic Exposures

.2.  VIDEOS: 

Cleveland Clinic Lecture Summarizing Environmental Medicine and Illness link:

Environmental Health and Illness – Why the controversy?

click on September 10th  Lisa Nagy M.D. : Runs 1 hour, please skip most of the intro.


 ABC's 'Nightline' Interview with Bill Rea M.D. and Lisa Nagy M.D. 2008

on Environmental Medicine, the link to the 15 minute clip:


 3.  Websites: 

www.environmentalmedicineinfo.com    Vineyard Personalized Medicine website and also general information on Environmental Health, videos, articles, toxigenic mold information and

Referral brief help from Dr. Nagy at no charge at  from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm 7 days a week.

 www.AAEMonline.org  to locate a physician or educational conference on Environmental Medicine.



                                Doctors & Medical Help


To find a local Environmental Medicine Physician or Chemical Sensitivity Doctor, please contact:

(1)  Dr. Lisa Nagy or

(2)  www.AAEMonline.org.

Contact your local union office President, Vice President or Human Relations Director if you are experiencing any of the Symptoms & Diagnosis listed on the Nationwide Petition Listing.  This listing can be viewed on NWIAL.com, "Airborne Paper Fiber - Nuisance Dust or Killer?" or on the tab above titled "Petition Listing".

Thank you,

Sandra Sutton





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